Sunday, January 27, 2008

Whiterock Part deux !

My little girl Lauren , and I enjoying the sand dunes !
Also my 2 year old Lee hitching a ride .

Guess what ! " the old " paddle in wrong side - wrong time trick then washed up a beach eating sand maneuver !
My son Lee giving me some good advice , why are you all wet Daddy !
This is how to do it !
Lesson over back to the car park for tea .
Mush Mush !!

Surf was big today and was "dumping hard" ( my new term I heard today)
Surfing a bit .
Waiting for a wave .
Matt from CCKC doing it in style . He was very good to watch and we all talked after in the car park and we all arranged to meet up for a paddle sometime . Belter of a day again ! cant wait untill next time .

Monday, January 21, 2008

Whiterock Bay , surfing on the north coast Co, Antrim N.Ireland with Belfast Kayak Club 20.1.08

Desi B.K.C. first at the car park ! don't forget - " click" photo's to enlarge !
Me and my first view of the surf (with a nervous smile on my kisser) Some folk enjoying the waves already.
The Skerries in the background , noted for sea paddle in the future. Below me!
Getting on the water .
Decky and I , big thanks to your other half Aine for taking the photo's cheers.
Desi and Pete tooling up also.
3 hour's later the car park was nearly full of paddler's and surfers.

My first wave was 30 feet high ! ( it felt like it !)
struggling but still dry !
But not for long , a pincer movement soon sorted me out and I crashed .
I tried again and managed to ride in a wave .
Here we go again ,Decky and me waiting for water .

A great time was had by all . ps - Desi did you like my roll ! caught on your video ! ha ha .
The squad - Philip
Pete, Desi ,Decky, and me Danny
Cant wait till next time lads.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Click here. Michelle paddling into Carrick harbour VIDEO.

Me having a rip in Michelle's P&H Capella 166 feel's good !
Capella and my Avocet near wall.
If you look very carefully, you just make out our mate Sammy the Seal.
Michelle leaving me in her wake !
The old sea front of our town.
Michelle going past the Marine garden's and war memorial above (back hatch) in her new Christmas present

Today we had a lull in the weather , so Michelle and I took the opportunity while the two kid's were being minded , to get on the water and enjoy the day and get some exercise and mental cleansing.
Our put in spot was the usual slipway at the local harbour , which attracted quite a crowd of people , who's normal question was - (are you not freezing in those canoe's) if I heard it once I heard it a million time's it's still ringing in my ear's. So we became good ambassador's to the sport and today educated everyone all about sea kayak's ,
(to the best of our knowledge) and our gear and how we were quite cosy in our clothing ,we might have to fight our way through all the new paddler's next time !

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Look at what Santa Got me !

Michelle with her new Capella at fisherman's quay , No stopping her now !
Snow was still on the hill's in the distance and added a bite to the crisp air as we paddled towards the Castle and back to the quay where we enjoyed our tea and planned our next outing . Bangor is barely visible in the back ground , it will be a target for future paddle's .

Michelle - my other half , Marine highway C/fergus Sunday 13:20 6th Jan 08 in her new,
P&H Capella rm 166 for the first time.