Friday, June 10, 2011

Friends and family on the water !

Lauren and Lee's newly out- fitted wooden Sea kayak . It's a "handmade" 14 foot Sea Dart which was lovingly built by James - my brothers wife's dad , I added a few modifications
for safety and kid proof reasons - ie grab lines and bungees .
The youngsters love it to bits and it tracks brilliantly a great boat for them to learn in.

This is a special woman called Elaine or SHOOTER as she prefers who Left Whitehead my village on an amazing journey solo around Ireland via Sea kayak all in the need of charity
her journey can be tracked here - my best wishes are with her and we all hope to see her back here in a few week's time .

Co Antrim yacht club's newly renovated boat house with the storage facility's for many kayaks which was opened by Elaine shooter and local Councillor's.

The new boat house.

Shooters support unit if required.

Shooter herself and Sammy Wilson MLA I think ?

Her new Valley Etain waiting on the start line on a lumpy sea day.

A poor German film crew braving the cold wind and sea-spray
at Whitehead slipway .

Whitehead on a calmer day,
Lee and I having fun paddling from one side of the bay to the other.

The kids Sea dart under trials !

The two of us posing for photo's .

Roy and Dawn enjoying a cold but great day at Brown's Bay
This was their first voyage in the new boat they just bought,
last reports were they were spotted around Cape Horn, they have never been seen again !

Happy chappies

My friend Philip surfing up at Ballygalley and me in the ocean taking the photo's.