Monday, June 16, 2008

Copeland Island's to Donaghadee Safety cover . 15.06.08

The winner on my right and runner up left and a happy man centre ! me.
Had to slip this one in , a " Trent class " all weather lifeboat , this time it's Donaghadee's turn !
Taking the plunge , into a fast tide and water temp around 11 c .
Tarron behind me 15 minutes into the race and the conditions getting worse. Touch down ! at the harbour around the 49 min mark . Mervin in the red boat glad to see his brave wife on hard ground after a hard slog through an ever increasing sea .
I had great fun and met some new faces , cant wait till I put on a spray deck again , thanks to everyone there .

On Sunday five brave soul's endured the cold Irish sea !

Four women and one man swam the treacherous gap from the Copeland island's to Donaghadee on the County Down coast of N.Ireland for charity and triathlon point's ,

Six paddler's Pete Mervin Ernie Tom Neil and me Danny ! all paddled to the island to await the competitors also covering the race were the R.N.L.I. in a rib and a support vessel with a camera crew on board.

We each had a swimmer to guide across the fast flowing sea . My swimmer Tarron was a so called ( iron man ) was a very nice fit lady triathlete who would make someone in the SAS regiment look like a boy scout , only joking !

49 minutes was the finish time by my swimmer who came in first ! at one stage there was nearly an extra swimmer in the water as the sea got quite choppy near the end and I had to brace a few times in quick succession ! due to rouge waves from behind ! but somehow I managed to stay sunny side up and I was pleased to paddle in with the winner following me , well done to this remarkable lady and a big congratulations to her . ps who made that soup in the pub afterwards ? Tomato , lentil and Tabasco !! nice - but some mixture HOT , I am still suffering .