Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sun fish in Northern Ireland waters ! 1st Sept 10.

No its not plastic bag I swear ! its a very rare Sun fish or (Mola mola) to be correct.
I spotted it just of the coast between Blackhead and the first headland near the the Gobbins cliffs. Its a strange looking fish which can grow to 10 feet across or more usually found in the tropics and at extreme depths 3-4 hundred feet , they eat jelly fish and this one was on its holidays to Northern Ireland for some strange reason .
It was the strange fin slapping the water which caught my eye and when i paddled over - it was unmistakable as the Sun fish.

The fin slapping on the surface.
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The wife and JC on a flat calm morning.
Looking for a lunch spot .
Heading back to Whitehead.
JC and Michelle , thank-you for another great wee day out !