Sunday, October 28, 2007

East coast of N.Ireland

Roy having a wee coffee break at Brown's bay before heading south again. Me stretching my leg's and warming up my soul , Winter is nearly here so out with the old "Chicken noodle soup "! the best thing since sliced bread.
Larne harbour is just around the headland on the left , one of deepest port's in Europe! over 100 ft L/water.
I caught this little seal playing in the surf on an island near Larne.
A wild view of the Gobbin's cliff's from an of shore island , quiet now but in the Spring they are packed full of bird's from Puffin's to Falcon's and other rare types.
Relief , a bit of a struggle to reach top of the hill on the island !The ground was like sponge and drained the energy out of you..
Brown's bay . In the summertime this place is very busy due to a campsite near buy .

The Glen's of Antrim in the far distance.
Next stop Scotland 15 mile's away in the distance Roy!
A little choppy back side of Muck Is.
Bit of a drop .
A steel clad yacht passing by, i think from my home town of Carrickfergus..

Monday, October 15, 2007

Our weekly practise @ Portmuck N.ireland.

Our two year old's learning young .
Roy and me heading for Brown's bay for a paddle.
Before we go anywhere , safety first - rescue's and roll's .
Me setting up a T rescue.
My turn for brain freeze !
Roy's little lad Jordan and my wee boy Lee both 2 year's old learning the rope's on shore .
Sunday 14th Oct 07 us getting geared up.
Roy and I enjoying the beautiful warm sea ! before paddling..
Roy amazed me , I did'nt know he could speak chinese !!
Back ashore we got in our Valley sea boat's.
Roy's Aquanaut on it's maiden voyage . Thankyou Marie and Des c/o
Deep Blue seakayaking Co. Wicklow for your hospitality and help.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sea rescue practise. Portmuck , Islandmagee .

How do you get into this boat !

Hold on to the bow ! it's all coming back to me now.

Roy and I after 1 hour of Irish sea immersion .

T rescue's and roll's were on the menu .

Roy looking for two thing's seen floating , Private joke !

Roy hold's the world record for ( speed wet exiting ) 0.5 sec water temp 8 deg.

How not to stand up in your cockpit ! Maybe next time ..