Thursday, December 31, 2009

A little chilly out younder !

My two Siberian Huskies - Myst & Skye had only limited success at digging through the frozen beach at Castlerock but it was nice to look at , sadly the poor old sea kayak was left back home under its warm cover and it was much missed !

The two girls chilling out with a snowy Co, Donegal in the background .
Happy 2010 to all and may the new year bring some great kayaking paddle safe .
Danny and family .

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Poor Sammy the Seal !

My Siberian Husky sniffed out and found this young Seal inside Carrick marina resting on rocks , i think it has injured its flipper and it took refuge here to shelter from the storms we had over this weekend. Animal welfare guys and local Police will be taking care of Sammy, fingers crossed all goes well for him ! UPDATE !! he is doing well and has been named Paddington, he's about 5-6 weeks old and has got a chest infection and the on going treatment will sort that out for him ! my kids and i are going to visit him at Portaferry Exploris Aquarium very soon , I will take a photo or two while there , a happy ending thanks to all the Exploris staff Tania and Leslie