Saturday, July 18, 2009

CLICK HERE ! VIDEO of Isle of Man July 2009 Basking Sharks YOU.TUBE VIDEO.* click here *

Basking Shark heading right for me and Ian !
A small Shark along side me only 30 foot or so !

Lauren getting a tow on her board , a new sport in the making ?

New sea kayakers being born , a male and i think a female heading for the safety of the sea kayak in the distance .

The Place of my dreams - Peel on the beautiful Isle of Man ,
ten days flew past but my memories will last forever.
Many thanks to Jess , Ian and Geoff for a great paddle see you soon.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Northern Irish coast .

Rathlin Island stuck in between a weather sandwich and looking very mystical six miles away.

Carrick a ree rope bridge in the far distance joining the little island.

Sheep Island - with a Gannet colony easy heard from some distance away.

View from Balintoy harbour south.

Balintoy harbour

Sunrise Northern Ireland style above :
4:42 am 1st July I took the wife and kids on an all nighter fishing trip to Balintoy, a lovely old natural Irish harbour right on the tip of N.Ireland.
11:00 pm the night before just for the hell of it we headed up north ! and what fun we had
from eye-balling sea otters ,catching Pollock and Wrasse ,to listening to Grey Seals snoring and sleeping it rough in the motor,
I also earmarked this spot for a carefully planned sea paddle as the waters up here are deadly fast and are prone to huge Atlantic swells,
but the whole coast is outstandingly beautiful and i cant wait to kayak it.

Me on sea Otter watch five o clock in the morning , soon as i turned my back the wife clocked one and it even came up the beach to show off its belly and play !