Sunday, September 30, 2007

night paddling.

The end of a great paddle with my friend's -Belfast Kayak Club. I love the feeling and excitement of paddling in the dark. You get a different view only kayaker's I think ever get to see ! photo by P.Dew B.K.C. Portmuck harbour one of my favourite place's .

Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Lagan decent..

Lagan decent... 2006 -my first race , Run by Belfast Canoe Club..
good fun but it was hard work , me in blue boat red bib.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Manx ice cream !

Lauren & Lee enjoying the speed of the seacat fast ferry from Belfast to the Isle of Man .
The love of my life -Michelle , also a keen paddler . a gull with my finger, really part of my ice cream!
Manx ice cream going down a treat..

The kid's Lauren & Lee and I at Peel sea front , and Lee with a manx ice cream beard !

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Isle of Man R.N.L.I.

Recovery of the I.O.M. life boat at Peel slipway , under the watchfull eye of my friend Phill (Launch officer) this was only a practise night.Phill's crew washing down the Mersey class lifeboat
One of the crew took this photo of me strutting my stuff!!
Kayak on the slipway no need to use the tractor lads I'll just throw her on my back!
How could you ever beat this type of boating ? ps click photos to enlarge......

Isle of Man basking sharks

Peel castle and my first shark experience !!! ps. to enlarge click on all picture's
a little bit choppy ,but well worth the soak.
the wind was behind me -hard to not to get too
close at one stage a 6 to 8 mtr shark touched my bow. me in reverse
Dad arrived 8 mtr basking shark feeding ,
mouth open going under my seat unbelievable.

Isle of Man south coast

Looking back at Port Erin.
Bradda Head Tower
My kid's on the beach P.Erin..
Peel harbour and Fenella beach , the perfect launch site.
Fenella seaward were i spotted my first basking shark's.

The beautiful Isle of Man..

Tower of refuge in Douglas Bay I.O.M.
Viking week at Peel . burning a long ship
My kayak caught sleeping after a long day!!
Port Erin , on a warm sunny July day.
The Calf of Man in the background, were i met a group of paddlers led by ( Adventurous Experiences )

Sea fishing with John and Roy..

Motoring on ! near Muck island..
Catching cod at last , Roy's a happy chappy.
Some of our catch .
Captain Roy.


I just converted Roy to sea kayaking he is hooked!!, so he's kitted out and just waiting on his new P&H capella coming over from England in the next week or so ! Here we are catching cod whiting and mackeral aboard Roy's fishing boat..

Rescues at Portmuck

Great fun wet exit's water temp about 10 degrees c. Davy holding on to my boat while i pump out the little drop still in my cockpit, it was good to practice picture by B.K.C.

My first sea trip in my hand made wooden kayak

Belfast kayak club . Copeland island's Co.Down,
My little 14ft boat did me proud this day because the rest of the group had sea kayaks and it was not very easy to keep up , though big Pete was watching me and i was in safe hand's at all times..

My Home Town Carrickfergus

Carrickfergus Castle , 800 year's old and still being lived in by a warden ! , now that's building at it's best ! Im holding on to my friends fishing boat in this picture because the wind was quite squally.
The Castle guards Belfast lough and was last used in anger during the second world war, the keep was used as an air raid shelter when Belfast was blitzed by the German Luffwafa and 50 meters right of the castle still to be seen on the ground today are artillary mounts to repell U boat's who tried to fire at Harland and Wolf ship yard , which was the place the most famous ship in the world the TITANIC was built some year's before.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Gobbin's Cliff's Co.Antrim.

This used to be an old Victorian walkway with bridges and tunnels linking each headland together .Today there is only rusting railings and steps hand carved into the cliff's.The Irish sea storms have washed it away.


This is me in my Valley Avocet.

1 hour 50 mins

Pete and i out with Belfast Kayak Club on one of our evening paddles around our beauitful coastline, we were a part of a group of eight sea kayakers , and departed Whitehead bay and headed for Portmuck harbour, about 8km.

Co.Antrim coast.

Blackhead on a calm evening.